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7 Oct

This is a brief note to my regular readers.  I will be taking more time away from this blog than I planned.  I have had an unexpected health issue and will be having an operation in Mid-October.  I have no idea how long I will be incapacitated.  But I’ll try to be back as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to report, no good, and only the usual bad.  But here are a couple of incidents that unfortunately prove the point of the concerns of this blog about sidewalk bicycling.  A neighbor of mine who rides a bike, but never on the sidewalk when he can avoid it and only then with extreme care told me of another young man we both know who has a baby.  Seems he was hit from behind by a sidewalk bicyclist while he was holding the baby.  Luckily he is big enough and strong enough to have had only minor injury to his back and managed to avoid falling or losing his grip on the baby in his arms.  But it was a rude awakening for him.  As that Urban Scrawler wrote about this blog when Logan’s sidewalk bike signs went up, “if you ride on the sidewalk sooner or later, you’re bound to hit a pedestrian”.  Of course, the rest of his screed was “and,guess what, they don’t get hurt.”  Only in his mind.  We know different.

The other incident I read in the NY Daily News last Sunday–seems Arnold Schwartenagger  was riding his bike on a Munich train platform.  What an idiot!  But Munich police had a quick solution for that.  They arrested him.

The good thing about me being in the hospital.  I’m pretty sure they don’t let bikers ride through the halls–yet.  But for the rest of you remember:  STAY ALERT! DON’T GET HURT!