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9 Oct

In my recent reading I came across these two interesting indications of attitudes of cyclists here in the DC Metro area, which, of course, differ from those in the Real World:

The first, a Dr. Gridlock piece about police in Alexandria stepping up enforcement of traffic laws for bicyclists. Note the whiny attitude of the cyclist as to the size of the fine. Thankfully, like most of the rest of the the world, Alexandria does not allow biking on the sidewalk.

And speaking of not biking on the sidewalk, what happens if DC joggers use a bike lane instead of the sidewalk for their exercise? Well, that is against the law, of course. Joggers are just faster moving pedestrians and have to suffer the same indignities as walkers, risking being cut down by bikers on the sidewalk.
Anyway here’s the link to an article about that issue:

And here’s the opening of my response:

The short answer to your survey question is: No, joggers shouldn’t jog in bike lanes. But I understand why they might want to–to avoid bicyclists using the sidewalks as their personal “alternate” lane without any regard for the people for whom sideWALKS were intended.

I agree with the lady from Philadelphia Magazine. But then she lives in the real world where bicyclists are never allowed to ride on the sidewalks except in rare well-marked sections of particular sidewalks. Here in DC, alone among major cities, it’s just the opposite. [ I go on to briefly describe the dangers and plead for the Post to make this a consistent campaign instead of just an occasional afterthought.]

And, finally, a citizen action link for those of you living or commuting along 16th street. Whether you are a bus rider, auto driver or cyclists, let your voice be heard. There are still DDOT hearings next week on the issue of a dedicated bike lane there.

Well, that’s all for now. Happy Columbus Day Weekend and remember to STAY ALERT. DON’T GET HURT!


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