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Celebrating Second Anniversary and Spring

20 Mar

Well, I haven’t had any big news to report, but I thought it would be a shame not to at least do a post for the second anniversary of this blog.  Last year at this time I was hopeful that we were beginning to move steadily toward safe sidewalks for pedestrians. This year, not so much.

Still in the last year, we had the Logan sign project and the Washington Post beginning to take notice of reckless sidewalk bicycling in the Central Business District.  We even managed to get a few signs up in Dupont Circle with the hope that our then ANC 2B would look at the issue of sidewalk bicycling in Dupont and other neighborhoods just north of the CBD where many pedestrians walk every day with even more on the weekends.

This year so far there are only faint signs of progress.  I did speak with Dupont 2B’s new ANC commissioner and he will be bringing the issue up at the next Transportation and Infrastructure meeting.  Meanwhile, Diego, the lead businessman on the business letter to our former mayor, tells me that any day now the signs he bought last summer, which are the same as the Logan signs with the minor amendment of deleting the WABA logo (which they asked for after they got flak from their membership for even suggesting that all would be safer if they rode on the street).  So look for that addition and maybe that will spur more positive discussion.

One bit of news worth mentioning is that our new mayor Bowser has launched an outreach effort to have a network of city employees focused on local neighborhoods to work with communities to “reach effective solutions” to the problems in every neighborhood.  Neighborhood cleanups are scheduled for this weekend, according to the Washington Post, but I’ll be watching to see whether there are other opportunities to speak for issues that make our quality of life better–and that includes dealing with sidewalk bicycling with enforcement of existing laws first, then looking at expanding the no sidewalk bicycling area.  You should watch too for opportunities to make your voices heard.

And, finally, remember it is the first day of spring and of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  So enjoy, but also STAY ALERT; DON’T GET HURT!