New Year’s Resolutions

13 Jan

At the end of 2014 Word Press sent me an annual report of my blog activity. It seems my blog was visited 420 times. Trying to be too cute, Word Press informed me that was over six SF cable cars worth of people. Taking out my regular readers, I’d say the number was more like 200. BUT, outside of Harriet and Bob, YOU’RE ALL SO SILENT! I really want to hear from you! So, if you have any comment or info on sidewalk bicycling or pedestrian safety in light of that activity, or an incident you have been involved in, let me know. Also, if there’s something not too difficult for a tech dummy like me to add to my blog to attract more traffic, let me know.
As time permits, I will:
1. contact and meet with my new ANC commissioner to talk about the dangers of sidewalk bicycling in the Dupont neighborhood and see what he is willing to do about it, including following up on the sign project;
2. follow up with MPD on getting info on enforcement of the ban on sidewalk bicycling in the CBD;
3. Now that Jack Evans is on the Transportation and Environment Committee, make one more attempt at getting him to act on behalf of the Dupont citizens he represents to make walking on the sidewalks here more safe;
4. carefully read the new MoveDC plan and see what, if anything, is planned to make pedestrians life safer;
5. contact whomever is appointed by Mayor Bowser to head DDOT about this issue;
6. Contact the Washington Post reporter who was told last summer to make a FOIA request to get actual incident info on biker infractions to see if that has happened and the result;
7. Continue this blog when I have something to report on any of the above or new info from other cities.

I urge you also to at least get involved with your own council person and ANC commissioner and public safety committee on this issue. Together we can make a difference in 2015.


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