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10 Jul

Well, I was going to write about the pingback I received a couple of weeks ago, which I encouraged you to read because it represents so well the segment of the bicyclist community that gives cyclists a bad name, the reckless type who breaks who feels entitled to priority on any space he choses to ride on. But we’ll leave most of that for another day because there has been a burst of media coverage this week on the rogue bicyclist issue. Both John Kelly and Courtland Milloy wrote excellent thought-provoking columns in the Post on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Below I’m providing the link to the Milloy column because in the body of that column, he references John Kelly’s column. By clicking on that, you can read the Kelly column as well:

I just tried the above link from my post and you’re going to have to look under Local and then for Milloy: “This city’s bicyclists are bullies”, which is under another local article by Ashley Halsey III on toning down criticism of bicyclists. But look for it, it’s worth it as is the Kelly article.

When I woke up this morning, Milloy’s column was the WTOP radio question of the day, eliciting a number of comments. Most that I heard were positive. The head of a bike organization, Black Women Bike, Veronica Davis, was interviewed and she noted that Milloy made several good points. I have heard her speak before on Kojo’s show and I respect her and her goals. Then I heard that obviously some bicyclists are taking offense to this column and even the raising of the issue that some of them just might be breaking laws on the road and terrorizing pedestrians on the sidewalk too. So some guy is having a protest ride this afternoon at 1 from Dupont Circle, my neighborhood, to the Washington Post headquarters downtown. I’m working today and won’t be there to check on it. Hope they don’t break any laws or ride recklessly on the sidewalks getting there.

More media coverage: Last night Channel 4’s Derrick Ward had a report of which I only caught the end. But it seemed to be about the controversy started by the articles. And after I got to work, I received an email from a friend that this week’s issue of the Northwest Current has an article on the Logan signs.

I’ll try to keep you up to date on these articles and more. But meanwhile, let your voice be heard through comments online, emails, and even letters on the points raised in the columns.

And, as always, STAY ALERT; DON’T GET HURT


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