Logan Circle Leads the Way Again

3 Jun


Well, I have good news and I hope I have mastered a new skill as well, i.e. adding a photo to this post. I have been hoping to give you this good news for some time, but delays kept cropping up. But finally last weekend, I personally helped Mid-City Residents Association members put up signs along 14th and 15th and Q and P Street to encourage Bicyclists to ride in the street not on the sidewalks. And, if the picture I just uploaded shows up on this post, you’ll be able to see one too.


Last summer, after ANC2F passed a resolution calling for extension of the “no bicycling on sidewalks” law beyond the Central Business District into the areas just north, like Logan Circle, which have increased pedestrian traffic, the ANC2F public safety rep and MCRA reps as well as Chuck Harney from Bike Rack met with DDOT and WABA representatives to suggest a pilot project with signs and bike ambassadors to encourage cyclists to ride on the streets, not the sidewalks, especially where bike lanes were available. There was basic agreement that this was a good idea. But it took until the end of March for a graphic of the proposed sign done by DDOT to make the rounds of the emails. DDOT also mentioned then that they didn’t have it in the budget for this year and hoped the residents could pick up the cost. And there was debate back and forth about the wording of the sign, which had passed muster once, but when the possibility of an actual sign became a reality, voices that had been silent spoke up. But in the end, through the persistence of MCRA, ANC2F provided the funds, an acceptable compromise was reached on the wording and the signs were printed and finally went up last Saturday. Yay! And job well done.


I’m going to see what can be done about getting signs for the Dupont neighborhood and have permission to use this version of the sign for that effort, with perhaps a change of the small logos to accommodate new sponsors.

I’m also going to see how this pilot is received and the difference it may make.

But it’s a good start and shows that we shouldn’t give up too early on any good idea. More about that in the next post.



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