DC Laws: Comparison with other Jurisdictions (Maryland)

11 Apr

I realized that I haven’t done any comparisons lately, and thought I’d look this time at neighboring jurisdictions. I was going to do Baltimore, but my google question only brought up the State of Maryland, no matter how much I refined the question. After reviewing and reading the materials I uncovered I’ll have to say that Maryland’s law is not as clear as I would like, but here is link(with a caveat: when I tried the link again, it did not co right to the laws, but to their Highway administration site. But if you put “bicycle laws” in their search box in the upper right hand corner, you will get a list. the pdf on the annotated code, third choice down, is what you want.):

The key section for our discussion of sidewalk bicycling is Subtitle 11 Miscellaneous Rules and section 21-1103 Driving on sidewalk. Basically it says a person may not drive a bicycle(which is defined as a vehicle) on the sidewalk except when permitted by local ordinance. But to find out where local ordinance permitted, I was able to get some idea through the WABA site, which is good for a lot of information on various laws in the area. There I found , under a description of a change in MD law on riding in crosswalks that most jurisdictions in MD (including most of Prince Georges County) do NOT permit bicycling on the sidewalk. However, sidewalk bicycling is legalized in most of Montgomery County, other than Gaithersburg. the link for that info is

Now if I did the links right you have a good idea of Maryland law. I’ll try to look at laws in VA, and maybe even by city, some time soon.

Meanwhile, this is the last weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival and the weather’s supposed to be really good. SO STAY ESPECIALLY ALERT AND STAY SAFE.

And Happy Passover and Happy Easter to all!


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