If you’re a D, VOTE TODAY plus an anniversary

1 Apr

Good morning, and if you’re a Democrat, please vote today if you haven’t already. This is an especially important election for all of us in DC and Dems must pick the best possible candidate for Mayor so between now and November, we can have a real discussion of how to move DC to that next level of becoming a better city for everyone to live in.

But don’t forget the other races. Remember a Mayor without a responsible Council can do only so much. By now you know my gold standard is responsibility AND responsiveness. People who will be true public servants, not public officials.

There’s a lot to be done and not just on the issue of this blog. But last week the trial project to wean bicyclists off the sidewalk hit another bureaucratic snag. Looks like the ordinary citizens who started this and got everyone together will have to carry it across the finish line themselves. I hope to tell you more as they work beyond the DDOT roadblock to the goal.


Finally, I realized that yesterday was the first anniversary of this blog, something I would have never guessed I would be doing except that it wasn”t enough to be attending government hearings, writing letters and emails and helping the Dupont Circle businessmen get their letter to the Mayor, Council Chair and our Ward 2 council person ready and personally delivered to their offices. (Still no response!)

Writing this blog, like the ordinary citizen work on the trial project above, is not how representative democracy should work. When the citizens have to do everything themselves without compensation and mayors and councils get paid, have paid staffs and a whole bureaucracy to do their bidding, something’s wrong. IF YOU HAVE CONTACTED ANY ONE OF THE COUNCIL PERSONS RUNNING FOR MAYOR OR COUNCIL ON ANY ISSUE AND THAT PERSON HAS RESPONDED TO YOU, VOTE FOR THAT PERSON. We all will be grateful.

SO TO CELEBRATE THE BLOG, A DAY LATE: I’m writing this 50th post.

We’ll soldier on later this week, hopefully with good news. Meanwhile, as the weather gets better, STAY ESPECIALLY ALERT and STAY ALIVE.


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