A Quick Update and promise for more early next week

21 Mar

Well, this was another bad week for your blogger and, like the last one, it started off with a “snow” event on Monday. Once again, my work place was closed because, for reasons unknown to me, they were closed because it is a firm rule that, when the feds are closed, they are even though a critical mass of us live within walking distance. Nothing like being behind at work the first day of the week.

Then I got a notice from the new owners of our building that they were going to deal with water issues on Tuesday and Wednesday, which involve me only because I’m on the line they had to fix. I prayed they would do a better job than they did with the last two major projects they had and left for work on Tuesday because I already had two days of work to do. Came home to find my door left unlocked with no one in it. Clearly workers had been there but didn’t think of the safety of the tenants. So, of course, I stayed home on Wednesday and could get nothing done because they made so much noise and were constantly talking to each other between floors on their “cell” phones. Yelling into it is the preferred mode.

But through it all, I did manage to draft the letter to Chief Lanier about the enforcement, or lack of same, of the prohibition of sidewalk bicycling in the Central Business District. I’ll definitely let you know what response I get.

Paris Je T’aime and a thought

I had hoped to bring you some quotes from an interesting Washington Post Article I read in the Sunday Travel section in mid-February on a bicycle tour the writer took in Paris. But the gremlins got me again and I can’t locate the article. What I do remember is that Paris, the home of the original City Bike, has many bike lanes and even some painted on certain sidewalks. This reminded me that last summer I learned that there are some areas of DC where a bike lane is on a sidewalk. When I tried to find out more from DDOT I met the usual bureaucratic brick wall even though I knew the person I was writing to. He did allow that there are only 3 or 4 of them in areas where heavy street traffic make it dangerous for bicyclists to ride in the street. He also said they were marked with signs. But where they are, he’d have to look up (i.e. actually do some work for the public). So I haven’t any idea where they are.

But now some questions for you, dear readers: Do you know of any of these marked bike lane sidewalks? If so, please comment on this post and let us all know where they are.

And another question: In Paris, these lanes are painted on the sidewalks and are used where it would be too dangerous to ride in the street. Do you think this would be a good idea here, provided we could get a trade-off that bicyclists were prohibited from riding on other sidewalks?

Let me know what you think. I promise to do better next week with more info on the Paris experience as well as a little history lesson on legislative changes in general. It takes a long time but if you hang in there, eventually you are rewarded. Like Mercer beating Duke today. Glad I saw the end of that one.

And, since it’s supposed to be a nice warm weekend, there’ll be a lot of bike activity out there and more than a few pedestrians who will also be ignoring common sense when crossing streets. So STAY ALERT and STAY SAFE.


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