Here’s a new one!

30 Aug

Good morning!  For those who say there’s nothing new under the sun, here’s something that will give you pause.  I haven’t been writing much about my personal adventures about sidewalk bicyclists because frankly there’s been nothing new except the same old reckless behavior.  But last Monday while walking home for lunch, I turned from New Hampshire to Corcoran, a small quite street with a lot of old townhouses and trees, and no traffic on the streets at most times in midday because it is a one way street.  All of a sudden I spotted a sidewalk bicyclist riding fast from the 17th street end of Corcoran and I prepared to slip behind the first stairwell I could.  And  a guy in front of me about half way down the block did the same thing. 

What prompted us to immediately take cover?  This biker, in addition to riding the bike, held in his other hand two dogs on leashes.  Needless to say together they took up the entire sidewalk.  We pedestrians would have been safer in the street.  And I thought as he sped by the stairs protecting me–that’s no way to treat a dog!


And Happy Labor Day  to all


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