Diary Entries–July 14-22 (Spamalot)

25 Jul

Last week a friend told me the good thing for him about the sequester.  No meetings, he said.  Now he could get back to his real work.  And, having seen the great and funny musical “Spamalot” I started singing to him “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”  Well, turns out by the end of the week, I was singing it to myself as we went through the heat wave. 

Because of the really awful weather I decided to get to work earlier every morning.  And I not only beat the heat but didn’t encounter a single rogue bicyclist all week.  I think I’ve mentioned here before that, although there are plenty of bicyclists out around 8 a.m. they’re commuter bicyclists riding in the street and on the bike lanes where they exist and generally obeying the traffic laws.  So, for me, the heat wave was a blessing in disguise (Of course, it helped to have the A/C working both at home and at work!)

So no horror stories this week.  But, to bring you up-to-date on other things, I’ve now submitted a FOIA request to the city to see how the ban on sidewalk bicycling was working in the Central Business District.  My impression on days when I’m there is that it’s working pretty well.  Most people when they know that’s the law try to obey it.  But, of course, consistent enforcement is the key.  So I asked not just for enforcement statistics but for any enforcement plans and directives relating to this law.  I’ve received confirmation that they have it.  And when I get something I’ll post it here. 

And, of course, as I have time, I’ll be studying and posting more reports on how other cities handle this.  Since I won’t know these cities nearly as well as the ones I’ve already profiled, please feel free to add any cities and specifics you know.  If you can add a link to the law, so much the better.  I’m trying to do that whenever I state a fact in this blog or at least to give a cite that you can check. 

Sadly, the Dupont Businesspeople have still not heard from the Mayor, Council Chair or Jack Evans on their letter, except for that verbal promise a couple of months ago to Diego that they’d “do something.”  Nor have I had my support letter or my letter on the Cheh-Wells bill acknowledged.  And that, to me, is a larger problem than their not weighing in on the particular issue.  I’ve worked for elected officials in my life, in Congress and in other cities and I still find it difficult to believe that DC’s officials think so little of the citizens they are to serve that they do not even have a system for a cursory response.  But I can’t take that on too.

I’ll be working with a convention next week so I may not have the time to post.  But I always have time to post your comments, even from my smartphone.  So feel free to comment and STAY ALERT and STAY SAFE.


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