A Note to all my readers and followers

19 Jul

Last week’s Washington Post article, and the trimmed down version in the Express, was well written and fairly expressed my views. Still I did wish that a bit of my more, for lack of a better word, accommodating views on the subject had been included. And, in fact, I e-mailed Shane Farthing of WABA to say so when the article came out.

While I believe and “vociferously”, as one commenter has pointed out, make the case for a citywide ban on sidewalk bicycling for those over 12 for the reasons I state in this blog and because it works in other cities, that does not mean I am against bike lanes and other improvements in bike infrastructure here. And while I am passionately working on raising awareness of the growing danger to pedestrians of sidewalk bicycling and some bicyclists’ behavior in other ways, that does not mean I have closed my mind to different ways of addressing these issues.

It’s important that we work together whenever we can. The bottom line is safety as well as a feeling of security for both pedestrians and bicyclists. And I am willing, insofar as I am able, to work together with responsible cycling advocates to achieve these goals.

So I encourage comments including not only incident reports but also ideas from bicyclists as well as pedestrians, and auto drivers too, and those who like me do all three. Just remember that your blogger, like you, has a full life outside of this blog. But I’ll do the best I can to facilitate the discussion.

I’ll have more next week on some new things I’ve learned and will be doing as time permits. But this is all I have time for today.

In the meantime STAY ALERT and STAY SAFE. And especially today and tomorrow as we ride out this heat wave, STAY COOL.


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