DC Laws: Citizen Action Update: Teamwork is Power

18 Jun

I waited until today to post this note because I had hoped to give you two pieces of good news together. But sadly it was not to be. However, the one piece of good news is that The InTowner neighborhood newspaper has just published its June online issue with another fine editorial by the publisher. To read it click on the following:


I thank him for mentioning me and this blog as well as my desire to find other interested persons who are interested in working together on the issue of banning sidewalk bicycling in DC, as it is banned in other cities. There is only so much that I, as one person, can do. But with even two or three other people, a lot more can be accomplished. As I say above, “teamwork is power.” And, since we all have other lives, I don’t think that any one member of the team would have to do too much. I am interested in ideas you have to move attention to this issue forward.

If all you have time for is to comment on this blog, do it.

Letter writing, e-mailing and other contact with your Council members and your ANC is also good. And, if you contact me, I can even provide a template to work from.

Canvassing local businesses for support, either of the existing businesspersons letter or a new one is another way to help.

But people who have other interests, like researching data on accidents and enforcement of existing laws and rules, can help as well.

And, if you love to strategize on other effective political action, there’s a place for you too.

I’m also looking for people who live in Dupont or U Street, which I’ve noticed is beginning to have more sidewalk bicycling issues.

The important thing is that we work together. And like a team, any action we take will be more effective.

So contact me on this blog or directly to my e-mail at


Let’s not wait until a child or a grandparent is maimed or killed. let’s let our voices be heard now.


One Response to “DC Laws: Citizen Action Update: Teamwork is Power”

  1. Harriet June 24, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    Glad the Intowner highlighted this issue and gave credit to you Jeanne.
    Another step forward!

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