DC Laws: Congrats to Logan Circle ANC2F and citizen action

7 Jun

Good News today! On June 5 ANC2F unanimously passed its resolution in support of the Bicycle Safety Amendment Act of 2013 and Further Pedestrian and Bike Safety Improvements. As soon as I have the complete text in easily linkable form, I will add it to this post. But, in the meantime I’ll share with you a critical provision insofar as we pedestrians are concerned. The resolution asks for the following:

1. That the city council direct DDOT to study and provide a written report to the Council within six months recommending revisions to 18 DCMR Section (S) 120l.9 such as:
a. Expanding the area in which riding bicycles on sidewalks is prohibited to streets where (I) population density or infrastructure limitations make it unsafe for pedestrians, (ii) bike lanes are already available for bicyclists, (iii) other factors that, in DDOT’s view support extending the prohibition and that (iv) recommends limited exemptions for the public’s safety, such as bicyclists 12 yrs old and under
b. Reducing the speed limit for bikes traveling on sidewalks
c. Whether existing penalties encourage compliance with the law

What You as a Citizen Can Do

If you’re in Logan Circle, write or email your council person to support this resolution and, if you have specific incidents that happened to you as a result of sidewalk bicycling mention them

If you’re not in Logan Circle, get in contact with your own ANC, tell them about the resolution, tell them to support it. Also ask them what they plan to do to help. I’ve already emailed my Dupont ANC2B reps. It’s easy with the Internet. The ANC’s and their members are all listed.

Keep the pressure up and we might just get somewhere.


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