Hope springs

2 May

Last week I said that I might have some good news on the Business Petition to ban sidewalk bicycling, and while I didn’t get quite the news I had hoped for, I have a glimmer of hope that we’re moving in the right direction.  Diego, of Diego’s Hair Salon on Q Street, just off Connecticut, who was the first businessperson to sign, told me that he had received a response.  When we finally got a chance to talk on Tuesday, I found that he did not yet have a response to the Business petition but had been told that a response would be coming soon and, after he took the time from his business to go downtown to meet with the councilmen he knows personally, he seemed encouraged that they would be doing something.  In the meantime I’ve been able to pass the petition and other info on to a group in Logan Circle and it looks like this might help their ANC to pass a resolution regarding this issue.  I’m not being specific until they tell me it’s OK to do so.

But any of you who are reading and are concerned with the danger of bicyclists riding on our sidewalks, please add your voices.  Let your councilperson and your ANC know you’re not against bicyclists or bike lanes, but bicyc;ists are a danger to our most vulnerable people, from children to seniors, when they ride on the sidewalks.  In fact, they’re even a danger to themselves.  And you want bicyclists off our sidewalks.

  Comment on this blog about actual incidents.  Now that people have begun to read the blog, you can mention incidents here as well.


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