Last week’s (April 8-13) Horror Story

17 Apr

Since I was more than a little under the massive cloud of tree pollution last week, I tried to stay indoors with air conditioning as much as possible.  But since my kitchen window looks down over 16th Street and I had to feed myself, I saw something I hadn’t seen before, at around 5:30 pm, which I consider still rush hour:

There were plenty of pedestrians on sidewalks on both sides of 16th, between Q and R, coming home from work, when all of a sudden, I saw two guys, both in gym not work gear, riding side by side on the sidewalk talking to each other as if the sidewalk were a bike trail.  I saw at least a couple of pedestrians who saw them yield quickly.  But they were also going against the direction of street traffic and I have no idea what happened once they got south of Q, where there is a bus stop every couple of blocks.

Clearly these two didn’t care about you.  But I’d like you to come back and read my blog again.  So I say again STAY ALERT AND STAY SAFE.


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