Welcome to my new blog

27 Mar

If you are coming in for the first time, please read About.  In this space I will recount my frequent adventures trying to successfully navigate our city sidewalks without being injured by racing bicyclists.  And, true to the mission I state in About, I will start with  really basic tips: 1. if you are walking on the sidewalk walk as far to the right as possible. 2. whenever you come to a corner, look both ways before proceeding even if you are only turning the corner on the sidewalk.  3.  If you decide to get a newspaper from a street box, get out of the way of a puddle if it’s raining, or do almost anything else that will cause you to move even a bit to the left, look behind you also before moving left. In short, always be aware of what’s coming in all directions.  More as we go….


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